Photovoltaic (PV) grid inverter is the core equipment in the PV grid power station, whose reliability, efficiency and security affect the whole PV system, and has a direct bearing on power capacity of the power station and operation.  Solar PV grid power system is composed of PV Modules, Grid inverter, Metering device and Distribution system. PV Module transforms Solar energy into DC power, and grid inverter transforms DC power into sinewave current with same frequency and same phase of electricity grid.

Solar PV grid power system is the trend of solar PV power development, which stands for the most attractive energy Utilization technology in 21st Century. It puts energy directly into electricity grid, without storing energy by battery, make full use of electric power from renewable energy, decreasing the energy loss and reducing the system cost. Solar PV grid power system uses both Mains power and renewable energy as power supply for AC load, which reduce the load power shortage rate of the whole systems, meanwhile, the renewable energy grid system is used for peak modulation against public electricity grid.