Type of Solar Panels:

There is different type of solar panel available in market. All of them

have different properties and efficiencies, and also they are all different

in manufacturing.

Monocrystalline Panel:
The solar cells in monocrystalline panels are manufactured by single

piece of silicon. These panels are more efficient then poly crystalline

and amorphous panels. The shape of cell is octagonal. The size is slightly

small then poly crystalline and cost is little bit higher then poly

Polycrystalline Panel:

Polycrystalline panels are made up from the silicon off cuts, molded to form blocks and create a cell made up of several bits of pure crystal. These Panels are slightly less efficient than mono crystalline and cost is also slightly less than mono. But the size of polycrystalline is little bit more then mono crystalline.

Amorphous Panel:

Amorphous Panel cells are manufactured by placing a thin film of amorphous (non crystalline) silicon onto a wide choice of surfaces. These are the least efficient and least expensive to produce of the three types. Due to the amorphous nature of the thin layer, it is flexible, and if manufactured on a flexible surface, the whole solar panel can be flexible.